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Gogaji fair held in the memory of Gogaji. Read more about Gogaji fair of Rajasthan, India.

Gogaji Fair Jaipur

Location: 'Samadhi' (memorial of Gogaji) in Goga Medi, which is 359 km from Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Significance: Held in the memory of Gogaji who was a valiant hero and was honored by Hindus and Muslims alike. He is also venerated as a saint and even as 'snake-god'.
Time of Celebration: For three days in Bhadrapad (according to the Hindu calendar), that usually falls in August.

Gogaji is regarded as a saint by the Kayam Khani Muslims who are beieved to be his descendants. He is an eminent warrior-hero of the region. Hindus called him by the name of Goga Veer while Muslims call him Jahar Peer. His devotees spread across Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat, where an annual procession is taken out in his honor.

Some people also regard Gogaji as a snake-god and almost all the Rajasthani villages has a 'Than' (sacred place) dedicated to him. The devotees come to visit the place and believe that Gogaji grants the wishes of his believers, expecially, in case of curing snakebites and other diseases. His 'samadhi' is made of marble and has two minarets and a boundary wall. His idol shows him riding a blue horse and with a snake coiled around his neck.

The inscription in Persian at the main entrance describes Mahmud Ghazni's regard for Gogaji. Devotees rub incense at the samadhi and offer coconuts, 'batashas' (sugar drops) and cash and sing songs in his praise. The atmosphere inside the hall is calm and sacred. The sweet fragrance of the incense heightens the tranquil feeling of purity and devotion.

The main attractions of the fair are the Nath priests who carry whips (replicas of 'chabuk' showed in the hands of Gogaji). The devotees consider them lucky. It is quite a sight to see people singing and dancing to the beats of drums and gongs with multicolored flags called 'nishans' in their hands.

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