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Jambheswar fair is held in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Read more about Jambheswar fair of Rajasthan.

Jambheswar Fair Bikaner

Location: Mukam village 15 km from the town of Nokha, which in turn is 60 km from district headquarters in Bikaner, Rajasthan.
Significance: Held in the honor of Jambeshwar Ji, who was the founder of the 'Bishnoi' sect.
Time of Celebration: Twice a year in Phalgun Budi Amavasya and Ashvin Budi Amavasya (no moon days, according to the Hindu calendar) which usually falls in March and October respectively.

Jambheswar ji is considered an in carnation of Lord Vishnu himself, by the Bishnois. He always stood for self-control, truth and non-violence. Two temples of Jambheswar ji are situated near the town of Nokha - one in village Mukam (translated as 'place to stay' because he lived here) and the other on the sand dune of Samarthal. The larger fair is held in February or March, which is attended by the devotees of many states such as Punjab, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, and a smaller one in October, which is meant for rural people who get an opportunity to sell and buy the articles of their daily use here.

The fair places no barrier to the participation of any caste or community and anyone can visit the shrines and pay homage. The visitors go to the temple at Mukam and the sand dune at Samarthal (where Jambhaji used to preach) and take part in the worship and rituals. It is customary to take some sand from the tank called Talai at Mukam and deposit it at the foot of the dune at Samarthal. One can observe the rituals of Bishnois in the shrines where a 'Sanyasi' (priest) of the Bishnoi sect community deliver sermons, chant Vedic mantras and recite 'Aart' in the praise of Jambeshwar Ji. 'Havans' are performed using 'ghee'. It is customary among the Bishnois to offer the first ghee made from the milk of a cow to the shrine.

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