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Karni Mata fair is held in the memory of Karni Mata. Read more about Karni Mata fair of Deshnok in Rajasthan, India.

Karni Mata Fair

Location: Deshnok, a small town near Nokha 60 km from district headquarters in Bikaner, Rajasthan.
Significance: Held in the honor of the deity Karni Mata, worshipped by the royal family of Bikaner.
Time of Celebration: Twice a year for 10 days during Navratras, from Chaitra Shukla Ekam to Chaitra Shukla Dashmi (from 1st day of the lunar month to the 10th day of the lunar month, according to the Hindu calendar) and Ashvin Shukla Ekam to Ashwin Shukla Dashmi (from 1st day of the lunar month to the 10th day of the lunar month, according to the Hindu calendar), which usually falls in March or April and September or October, respectively.

Karni Mata FairKarni Mata led an ascetic life and dedicated herself to the service of the poor and downtrodden and is believed to possess supernatural powers. She laid the foundation of Deshnok and her main followers are 'Charans'. The royal fam ily of Bikaner worship her as the benefactor deity. Made of marble and stone, Karni Mata Temple s also known as Madh and houses image of Karni Mata adorned with a tiara accompanied by the images of her sisters. It is customary for the Rajputs to bring their children on 'jadula' (the first time when the head of the child is clean shaven). People offer their prayers to the Goddess and ask for her blessings.

It is surprising to see the large number of brown rats living in the temple. People offer food to them and they are considered auspicious. It is said that spotting the white rat living in the temple grounds, is a very good omen and is believed to be lucky by the devotees.

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