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Shri Mahavirji fair is held at Chandangaon Rajasthan. Read more about Sri Mahaveerji fair of Rajasthan, India.

Shri Mahavirji Fair Chandangaon

Location: Chandan Gaon, which is 176 km from Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Significance: It is held in the honor of Shri Mahavirji, the 24th Jain Tirthankara.
Time of Celebration: Chaitra Shukla Ekadasi (11th day of the lunar month according to the Hindu calendar) to Baisakh Krishna Dwitiya (2nd day of the next month according to the Hindu calendar) that usually falls in March or April.

Shri Mahavirji FairA sacred place to Digambar Jains, followers of Mahavir ji, they come from far off places to pay their homage to the venerated saint at the Mahavirji temple, situated in an enclosure known as 'Katala'. It is said that a leather worker dug the image of Mahavir Swami here from 'Devta-Ka-Tila' (a nearby hillock). Besides the images of other Jain tirthankaras and Bhairon's idol as the guardian, there is also a marble 'Man- Stambha' (tower of glory) in front of the temple.

The major attraction in this fair is 'The Rath Yatra' on Baisakh Krishna Dwitiya, where there is a huge procession in which the image of the deity is carried to the bank of river Gambhiri for 'Kailash Abhishek' in a golden chariot (Rath) drawn by bullocks. There are hymns and religious songs in praise of Mahavir Swami.

There are shops where villagers trade for food grains, cloth and general merchandise along with food stalls, toy shops and fruit vendors. The students of Jain school enact plays based on Jain philosophy amd merry-go-round, circus and other recreation add festivity to the fair.

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