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Galiyakot Urs fair is held at Galiyakot Rajasthan. Read further to know more about Galiyakot Urs fair.

Urs at Galiyakot

Location: Galiyakot, 96 km from the district headquaters at Dungarpur, which is 160 km from Udaipur, Rajasthan.
Significance: Death anniversary (Urs) of saint of Ismaili Shia Muslims, Saint Sayyed Fakhruddin.
Time of Celebration: On the 27th day of Moharram (the first month according to the Islamic calendar).

Thousands of devotees and followers congregate at the shrine during the annual Urs, to pay their homage and seek blessings of the saint to have their wishes fulfilled. Seeking blessings for a wish is called 'mannat' and it is customary to visit the shrine again and express gratitude after the wish is fulfilled. People offer sweets, fruits, cash, coconut and jaggery at the shrine.

During urs, the tomb is ornamented with flowers and lamps. The Urs is commenced with mass prayers and recitation of 'Holy Quran'. A devotional gathering called 'majlis', a melodious event where songs are sung in praise of the saint. There is a free community lunch where all the devotees can participate. The Dai-ul-Mutlaq, who is the religious head of the community, heads the ceremonies of the Urs.

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